Welcome (back!) Natalia!

Natalia Boise joined the Soft Landing crew in September as a Montana Campus Compact AmeriCorps Leader. She is coordinating education outreach and development for refugee youth in Missoula. Her focuses include an after-school academic mentorship program, creating pathways and resources for higher education, increasing digital literacy, helping students to develop goals by providing skills for academic success, and organizing social and team-building outings for our youth. Her aim is to facilitate access to higher education and to provide academic and emotional support for the students, and to empower the youth to build visions for their futures.

Natalia was one of Soft Landing’s very first interns years ago in our infancy 😉 We are so excited to welcome her back in this incredibly important year long position and are so grateful for the wonderful work already started in her short month back with us. What isn’t written in the statement above is the impromptu study sessions turned dance parties that make the kids connect with and love this amazing gal. We are so lucky to have her.