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We are fortunate to experience the generosity and graciousness of Missoulians on a daily basis through our volunteer program! We always have changing needs, so please click below to find out more about the most updated opportunities.

How to Volunteer With Us

Community Center Opportunities

Description: Our Community Center is where so much of the Soft Landing magic happens. These volunteers must be ready to jump in and support a variety of tasks including — but certainly not limited to! — sitting at the front desk to greet clients and visitors, answering the phone, completing paperwork, attending to children, making coffee or tea and more.

Prerequisites: Competent with technology and able to communicate creatively

Time requirements: Must commit two hours every week for at least three months during the Community Center Hours (10am to 5pm Monday thru Thursday; 10am to 2pm on Friday)

Description: Pick up donations and deliver directly to clients’ homes.

Prerequisites: Ability to move and transport larger items in personal vehicles required. Signed Personal Vehicle Use paperwork required.

Time requirements: Variable. Volunteers will be placed on a list and contacted as needs arise

Description: Sort and organize in-kind donations in our Free Room, often interacting with clients as they shop

Time requirements: Must commit two hours every week for at least three months during the Community Center Hours (10am to 5pm Monday thru Thursday; 10am to 2pm on Friday)

Youth Program Opportunities

Description: After School Homework Helpers will work with middle and high students who attend our drop-in after school tutoring sessions on homework and other academic needs. While educational support is the primary goal at after school tutoring, it’s not uncommon for valuable connections to form between students and tutors as well.

Prerequisites: Comfort with computers

Time requirements: Tuesdays or Thursdays, minimum of 1 hour anytime between 3:00-6:00. Consistent weekly commitment throughout the semester is preferred.

Description: Volunteers will be matched with an elementary school student  with the goal of helping the student gain academic skills in areas identified by the student’s family or teacher.

Prerequisites: Experience working with children is preferred. Volunteers must agree to and pass a background check.

Time requirements:  Ability to commit 1 hour/week for 4 months required. Schedule determined by aligned availability of both student and volunteer.

Description: Tutors will be matched with one student as they focus on completing and understanding coursework. College tutors may assist students with writing emails to professors, transcribing spoken words for assignments into typed documents, and assisting with proofreading and proper academic formatting. 

Prerequisites: Ability to complete college-level coursework and comfort with computers

Time requirements: 2-4 hours per week throughout the semester. Flexible meeting times agreed upon between the tutor and student. College Tutors will also have the option to meet with students during our weekly college study groups on Wednesdays from 4-7pm

Description: Mentors will be paired one-on-one with our our high school leadership program participants — we have one group of boys and another for girls. Volunteers with communicate directly with participants and their families, identify opportunities for one-on-one recreational outings every other week, and engage in group events and workshops.

Prerequisites: Ability to transport mentee required. Young adults in their 20s or 30s and same gender pairings prioritized.

Time requirements: 2 hours per week, including a group meeting every other week. Time TBD. Group outings will typically take place Monday afternoons. Cohorts typically begin at the beginning of each semester, and at the start of summer

United We Eat Opportunities

Description: United We Eat @ Home kitchen volunteers work alongside United We Eat Staff and an immigrant or refugee chef to prep, cook, portion, and serve food, while attending to kitchen maintenance and cleanliness. UWE volunteers enjoy cooking (and chopping onions!), take initiative when they see a way to help, follow instructions well, and enjoy an ever-changing, sometimes stressful, environment.

Prerequisites: Volunteers must be comfortable working on their feet for 3-4 hours, with minimal breaks. Ability to lift and move heavy objects required. 

Time requirements: At least one shift a month for three consecutive months.

Typical Shifts:
Monday, 10am to 1:30pm
Monday, 2pm – 5:30pm
Tuesday, 11am – 2pm
Tuesday 3pm – 7pm

Description: Volunteers will support UWE staff at special events like Supper Clubs, World Refugee Day, Winter Celebration and other client-facing events by preparing and serving food, maintaining kitchen cleanliness, and supporting administrative tasks.

Prerequisites: Ability to move objects and stand for several hours at a time required.

Time requirements: Varies based on event scheduling. Volunteers will be added to a UWE Special Event list and contacted as needed.

Description: Babysit for a United We Eat chef while they concentrate on cooking. Mom or dad will be close by!

Time requirements: Select Mondays and Tuesdays. Volunteers will be placed on a list and contacted when a need arises

Description: Pick up, wash and dry kitchen UWE linens.

Prerequisites: Access to washer and dryer.

Time requirements: Laundry pickup any day Tues-Sat. Laundry must be returned to the kitchen by Sunday evening. Once a month commitment for 3 months at minimum.

Adult and Family Services Opportunities

Description: Help people for upcoming citizenship and driver’s license exams, typically in a one-on-one setting. Petitioners have basic English skills, so attention to Civics portion of citizenship exam is prioritized. All necessary materials provided by SLM. No previous experience with exam required.

Prerequisites: Matches based on personality. To tutor for driver’s license exams, volunteers must have a valid driver’s license.

Time requirements: 1-2 hours perweek for at least 4 weeks. Scheduling dependent on client/volunteer availability.

Description: Help clients improve English language skills in a 1-on-1 setting. Client/volunteer matches made based on personality, language, and scheduling compatibility. 

Prerequisites: Ability to navigate a simple online learning platform (with staff support!) required. ELL or teaching experience preferred.

Time requirements: 1-2 hours/week for at least 6 months. Scheduling dependent on client/volunteer availability. 

Description: Volunteers provide support at our monthly Women’s Swim Night. Responsibilities include setting up and taking down window coverings, swimming with clients in the pool (lifeguards present!), rocking babies, and providing client transportation as needed.

Prerequisites: Women only. Volunteers must know how to swim

Time requirements: Event takes place on the second Friday of each month, 5:45pm – 8:15pm. Volunteers will be added to a list to receive a sign-up sheet each month and free to opt into participation on a monthly basis. 

Description: Help clients and partners pack and move household items.

Prerequisites: Ability to move larger items required. Large vehicle or truck preferred.

Time requirements: Flexible schedules are helpful as moves are often scheduled somewhat last minute. We will do our best to contact volunteers with 48-hours notice if their support is needed for a client family move.

Description: Be placed on SLM’s “on-call” list to receive notification of a last minute client transportation need. Volunteers will pick up the client and drop them off at their desired location, oftentimes also providing a return ride. As transportation is such a barrier for our clients, particularly in the winter months, this role provides access to essential appointments when other rides fall through. 

Prerequisites: Valid driver’s license, personal vehicle, and be willing to sign SLM’s Personal Vehicle Use Policy

Time requirements: As needed.

Description: Volunteers help tend and maintain client’s community gardening plots.

Time requirements: ~2 hours every other week throughout the summer. Timing flexible.

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