Welcome (back!) Heather!

At the beginning of October, with the help of the School-aged Child Care Grant for COVID relief through the State of Montana, we were able to bring on Heather Molloy to help further the impact and reach of our youth programming. Heather started out as an incredibly dedicated volunteer for Soft Landing in 2016 and has spent the last 3 years working as the Housing Specialist for the International Rescue Committee in Missoula. While the funding for this specific position currently only goes through December, we know that Heather always has a home with Soft Landing Missoula and we hope to seek funding to keep up this position and the essential work she will start with us in that short time. She is working hard at connecting one-on-one tutors with students to alleviate the burden placed on working parents at this time while also improving educational outcomes for kiddos. The addition of Heather to our team has allowed us to expand services to elementary aged students, where before our focus had been only middle and high school students. Heather is a bright light for everyone she comes in contact with and has the biggest and most true heart of anyone we have ever known. For years she has helped us create a “soft landing” and we are stoked to finally get to be able to get her on our team!