Soft Landing Booth at the Missoula Farmers Market

We are really excited to embark on a new journey to help refugee families have the option for a little secondary income this summer as well as the opportunity for our community to enjoy new treats and cuisine from around the world! We have made the first steps, secured the space, and the interest is there–but now we are looking for a little team to head this up and help us out to make it happen!

We are looking for a team leader (or 2!) and additional helpers to work with SLM and participating families in roles of varying time commitment. Team leaders would be in charge of communication with the market staff, the commercial kitchen, the Health Department, participating cooks, and SLM to ensure compliance with regulations and help organize timing of food production. Additional volunteers may help with transportation, helping to set-up and “staff” the booth (with the cooks), and possible help with food production.

We realize this is a lot of time and commitment and are looking for a decent sized team to spread the work around! Are you interested in learning more? Please contact if this excites you too!