Proud to support students and the wonderful staff at MCPS

There are so many reasons to vote YES on your mail in ballots that are due May 8th, and one of these is the AMAZING job MCPS is doing to support refugee children. 

We want you to know what an INCREDIBLE job Missoula County Public Schools is doing for refugee kiddos. Seriously amazing.

Did you know that “School Impact Grants” from the Feds for refugee kids require a quota that we haven’t yet hit and are 2 years RETROACTIVE?! So there is definitely a need for this levy on many levels, but including to continue to serve refugee kiddos.

Did you know that, despite the current growth in our county of ALL types of students, this levy doesn’t increase MCPS budget, only continues to fund it at current levels.

This is the LEAST we can do, and we HAVE to do it! Please join us in voting YES YES for these school levies.

For more info visit: 

On top of this, we want you to know that in the interim of the School Impact Grant being available, Soft Landing has put our (limited!) money where our mouth is and we are honored to be a part of a great group of folks-  The United Way and Community Medical Center- that have come together to support MCPS in translating documents so that families can get vital information about their kiddos education and school lives.  We are so grateful to MCPS and these incredible partners.

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