Big Sky Documentary Film Fest 2018

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Every year since our birth (ok, that is just 2 years!) we have been lucky to be sponsors for beautiful, heart-wrenching, uplifting, and important films during the Big Sky Documentary Film Fest. Soft Landing Missoula was catalyzed from photos and film and we firmly believe in their power to show truth and create positive change in the world.

This year- year three- we are honored and in so much awe of the selection that we have the privilege of sponsoring.  These films are very near and dear to our hearts. From the moment the “New Neighbors Project” came to us with a proposal to teach interested new arrivals in Missoula how to document their own experience, to flip the lens that had been placed on them, through all of the hard work that it takes to make a full feature film and multiple shorts a reality, we knew this was going to be incredible.  We are so proud of the refugee film makers that created these films and endlessly grateful that they have chosen to share these powerful stories with us.  Getting into the BSDFF was never a “given” for this project, but speaks to the amazing craftsmanship, talent, and guts of the filmmakers and the New Neighbors crew. 

Please check out the New Neighbors Website for the trailer for the full length film, filmmaker bios, and info on how to get tickets.

Schedule (click to read more about each film from the BSDFF website):

Tuesday Feb 20th, 6p, MCT

Renga for the West (New Neighbors full feature)

Never Give Up While You Are Still Alive (Short by Joel Kambale)

Sunday Feb 25th, 8:15p, MCT

This is Congo (not part of the New Neighbors project but looks incredible and we are still proud to sponsor it!)

Kuwezesha Wanawake (Short by Justine Binwa)


Please join us for these transformative films and share the privilege of getting to hold these stories in your heart forever.