Cars Needed

Have you recently inherited a car that isn’t being used much? Upgraded to a new car and are too busy to sell your old one? Have a husband that likes to collect cars that end up sitting in YOUR spot in the driveway? We are looking for generous individuals that are willing to donate decent, functioning cars directly to refugees who have earned their drivers licenses.

Many of our families are accessing Soft Landing Missoula’s Drivers License Tutoring program and we have our first two graduates! We have already received one generous donation of a minivan for the first person who got his license (A huge thank you and much love goes out to this donor!), and the other graduate is now waiting in the wings, with a couple more not too far behind! This minivan has not only given transportation to this family for appointments and fun activities around town, but has also increased the types and quality of employment that will be accessible to them and provided a clearer path to self sufficiency.

If you’re interested in donating a car, please email