Newsletter 2, 5/2/2016


What a couple of great weeks we just had! Visits from Bob Johnson and Robin Dunn-Marcos with the IRC, a wonderful “Thank you!” gathering and an incredible week of education, humor and show of support for our Muslim neighbors organized by SALAM.  I hope you all got a chance to meet some of these wonderful people and attend some of these events.  If not- there will be more to come!  Thank you so much to Anna, Suzy, Kelsey, Georgia, Winnie, Darrin and many others for your fabulous work in making our dessert party happen!

A couple things to keep on your radar for this week…

Soft Landing Missoula will be participating in Give Local which takes place tomorrow, May 3rd! This is a great and simple way to show your support! There are many ways you can donate all over town at all times of the day- and night! Check out the Give Local for donation locations and events…

The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center is hosting a First Friday Award ceremony from 5 to 7 pm to display the artwork submitted for their annual Search for Peace Art Show and meet the winners. Cash prizes will be distributed by Fr. Jim Hogan, the originator of the contest, at 5 pm. Artwork was submitted along the theme of “Welcoming” to allow participants to reflect on the upcoming opening of a refugee resettlement office in Missoula. Representatives from Soft Landing Missoula will be available to answer questions and the community will have the opportunity to write a note of welcome to refugees that will be sent to the new International Rescue Committee Office opening in Missoula. Come enjoy some snacks, have your questions answered, add to a community message of welcome and see the inspiring work of our young people.

I want to end this newsletter with an observation. One of the most incredible things about this whole endeavor is this cosmic “falling in lap” of everything needed. There have been hard days and struggles, but every single time these challenges have been answered by an email, a phone call, a meeting, a post, that has been the perfect path to move forward and renew our mission and goals. This has not been once or twice, but so many times, with each new person involved, with each new meeting.  Whatever force you believe in, the universe and beyond, we continue to make amazing connections that are being pulled together to make serving refugees and our community a reality.  We are so excited to continue to cultivate these relationships and plan for our future in helping people fleeing war and terror to thrive in our city! Thanks for joining us!!!