“A Soft Landing in Missoula”

September 18, 2016 ~ Placemakers: Episode Seven/Slate Magazine
Mary Poole has been a nurse, an arborist, a jewelry-maker, and a mom. But she’s never been a politician or an activist. At least not until one heartbreaking photo from halfway around the world changed everything for her. Now she’s on a mission to make her hometown of Missoula, Montana, home to refugees fleeing conflict globally. But not everyone in this conservative state is happy about it. Read more.

Preparing the way: Mentors train how to handle incoming refugees

September 10, 2016 ~ By Kim Briggeman/Missoulian
Suzy Hampton has pots and pans, six straight-back chairs and a recliner to give to the cause. Anna Tucker offered her pickup and four-horse trailer to haul the furniture and household goods. “And my kids have a chest of drawers they want to get rid of,” Tucker said Thursday night. “We can have them outfitted in no time flat.” Read more.

First Congolese refugees touch down

August 20, 2016 ~ By Kim Briggeman/Missoulian
Missoula’s latest wave of refugees has begun. A family of six Congolese arrived in town Thursday from East Africa, and the first five-person family mentor team trained by Soft Landing Missoula swung into action to ease the shock. Read more.