Open house to discuss resettlement of refugees in Missoula

November 1, 2016 ~
The resettlement of refugees in Missoula will be the topic of an open forum being held on Tuesday at the University of Montana.
Speakers at the event – which is being hosted by Soft Landing Missoula – will discuss the basics of the global refugee crisis, the resettlement process and what this looks like for Missoula. Read more.

Landing on two wheels

October 20, 2016 ~ By Laura Lundquist/Missoula Independent
Part of Missoula’s “soft landing” for refugees includes landing on a bicycle. 
That’s why, over the past month, Free Cycles Director Bob Giordano and his volunteer bike mechanics have been busier than usual. Not only have they been helping the group responsible for welcoming the refugees, Soft Landing Missoula, but they’ve also needed to translate a bit of Swahili. Read more.

Missoula refugees featured on fundraising video

October 4, 2016 ~ By Kim Briggeman/Missoulian
An online fundraiser launched Tuesday by Soft Landing Missoula features a video that gives a glimpse of some of Missoula’s recently arrived refugees. Soft Landing, the volunteer organization that paved the way for the opening of Montana’s only refugee resettlement office this summer, aims to raise $30,000 by the end of the month. Read more.

Police in U.S. seek ways to integrate refugees

September 22, 2016 ~ By Tom Jackman/The Washington Post
For years, Boise, Idaho, has welcomed large numbers of refugees from strife-torn countries, in the past year accepting twice as many Syrians as New York City and Los Angeles combined. And so Jodi Larson-Farrow of Boise’s Agency for New Americans holds a cultural orientation for about 30 new arrivals about every two weeks, and she asks them what comes to mind when they think of the police. Read more.

Soft Landing Explores Plight of Congolese

September 21, 2016 ~ By Martin Kidston/Missoula Current
When Paul Robinson was a child living in the Belgian Congo, he and his family were forced to flee ahead of advancing rebel militia. While the experience played out more than 45 years ago, the memories remain close, just as history repeats itself for a new generation of Congolese people. Read more.