Career and Education Mentor Needed

Soft Landing Missoula is searching for an exceptional, committed, and professional individual to embark upon a journey to be paired with a refugee ready to take their next big step toward education and a fulfilling career. This will be a one-on-one mentorship to help bridge the gaps and provide a kind, motivational guide for navigating the complexities of the slow and steady (but exciting!) grind to a future full of opportunity. You will be interacting with a group of incredible partners who are currently working on creating a “road map” for refugee learners that takes into account the specialized language and life experience challenges English Language Learners may face. That said, we are looking for someone who is flexible and understanding to the newness of this volunteer position and understands the importance of this adventure. We are also looking for someone willing to form a deep relationship with their match and commit to be a guide through what can be a multiple year process with varying levels of weekly/monthly time obligations.  

Currently, we are starting with just one match to see how things go. If you are interested in working with a motivated young woman from Congo as she navigates higher education and her dream of pursuing a career in law enforcement (maybe you even have experience in law enforcement?!?), please fill out this brief form. If you are interested in any other future matches or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to