Fundraiser to support Dreamers (DACA recipients) in Montana

We are honored to work with the inspiring and wonderful folks with Montanans for Immigrant Justice (MIJ), and they have brought to our attention a way to support Dreamers in our community that we feel is incredibly important to share with you. Please read on for their message and how to give below. Soft Landing will be donating $100 and will give a free Soft Landing “Refugees Welcome” t-shirt to anyone who matches us or exceeds this donation level!

Dear friends,

As the US Supreme Court deliberates on the continued status of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), 800,000 young people in the US who are working, going to school and raising families face an uncertain future. They arrived here as young children, with their immigrant parents, before they were of age to make their own decisions about their immigration status. They built lives, gained skills, and be became our neighbors and friends.

Advocates, like the Dreamers at United We Dream, are encouraging DACA recipients whose status expires within the year to renew as soon as possible.

To support Dreamers in this time of uncertainty and stress, MIJ is raising funds to help at least four Dreamers with the expense of their DACA renewal ($495 per application, which includes fingerprinting and background check by USCIS, using biometrics).

Our goal is to raise $2000 by December 31st.

Will you join Montanans for Immigrant Justice in solidarity with Dreamers, and contribute to our Dreamer’s DACA renewal fund?

Donate online here, through our partners at the MT Human Rights Network:
Thank you!

And thank you from SLM! Let me know if you earned your t-shirt-