It’s kind of the theme this time of year, but I think I can just say that it is the new and ever present theme of my life these days (years!). I wanted to tell you a bit about my past week- much of which I spent in Pittsburgh meeting up with 8 other incredible refugee centered non-profit leaders- most with an organization about the same age as Soft Landing. Finally getting to meet these women in the newly formed Hello Neighbor Network whom I have been corresponding with for quite some time was magical- instant sisterhood doesn’t even begin to describe it. It feels amazing to see yourself in other people that you so quickly come to know and admire. It builds excitement and confidence for the great work we are doing here at Soft Landing and puts into clear view a vision of individuals living by the same dedication all across this country. It helps us look at these challenging political times and say, “Yeah, we got this. This is worth it. Keep going.” But do you know what feeling crept up on me the most? Gratitude. Gratitude for this incredible community that truly does so much of the heavy lifting- and always with a smile and open arms. Gratitude for my Molly (our amazing co-founder and Deputy Director) and Greta (also a co-founder and our Family Resource Manager) and Maria (our new superstar in the fundraising- and more!-department). Huge gratitude for the Soft Landing board and their steady vision of how to make this organization and the work we do focused, sustainable, and with a life bigger than all of us. I honestly don’t think I was homesick in the few days I was gone, but I certainly thought about home every second- with gratitude. Man I love you guys.

OK, enough of the mush! Who hasn’t ordered their Thanksgiving treats yet?!?! We have sold close to 2,000 individual treats to over 100 people- translating to almost $3,000 in economic benefit for the chefs- 100% of sales going directly into their pockets! Woohoo! But you know what… We are only half way! I am thinking we need to try and double that. Can you help us make it happen? Ordering is open until Saturday and if you haven’t ordered, there is still time. There is also still time to TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! Have them go to and put an order in to spice up their holiday table.

Thanks for being on this delicious and worthwhile adventure with us 😉

In love and gratitude,


PS- If you haven’t seen this yet- we are so so happy for Kasse, Tosha, and the kiddos! They went through the rigorous process to be selected for one of Habitat for Humanities homes in 2020. Check out this great story here. Habitat is still on the search for the location (in Missoula) where this house will be built. If you have a spot, know a spot, have any leads and just have more questions, please reach out to