Dear Liz Colantuono- A love letter from Mary Poole


Dear Liz,

Where would I be without you? We have been on this journey together for a few years now and every time I got in over my head and needed a shoulder to lean on, a brain to bounce ideas off of, and a person to step up and help “do the work”- there you were. As a volunteer, you have taken a leadership role with many of our projects that wouldn’t have happened without your steady persistence and patience. You have built lasting relationships within the refugee community, as well as helped refugees build lasting businesses! For as many directions that Soft Landing’s United We Eat program has turned, you have been with me along the way to see it through- and well. Today, we announce our little passion project- United We Eat @home, and this joyous (and at times, incredibly time-consuming) adventure owes much of it’s birth to you and the hours you have put in with me since we first started even exploring the idea of sharing and celebrating food. My heart knows that you will be here with me as the adventure continues to take shape and possibly grow even more.

So, I guess I wanted to say thank you, but also, more than thank you. You make my dreams come true.

In love and gratitude,

Mary Poole- ED Soft Landing Missoula