SLM Newsletter March 20, 2019

Happy first day of SPRING!

OK, I had to get that off my chest first!  I have some really awesome things to announce in this newsletter, but maybe none compare to the sun and melting snow we have been experiencing in the last couple days- I am ready for SPRING and welcome it’s arrival!

We had the privilege of attending two birthdays over the lovely weekend- a Congolese “baby welcoming” party for a 1 mo old and a birthday party for a Syrian kiddo turning 5. It was pretty incredible to celebrate family, birth, and growth in this season of renewal and to know that Missoula was a safe and welcoming place to do so.  Both locations were packed and fun and amazing- full of family, friends, and new communities. As we have seen time and time again, and know from our own lives as well, both of these parties centered around the sharing of food.  In our own way, we are honored to be a part of including programing for Soft Landing Missoula that recognizes and utilizes the simple yet essential idea of a shared table with enough seats for all- even if you have to bring your own folding chair to squeeze in!

So… getting to that announcement then, eh?  Soft Landing is expanding the offerings for our United We Eat program that has brought you Supper Club, holiday cookie sales, and many other opportunities for a seat at the table as well as economic opportunity for refugee chefs!  What? How? When? Sign me up!

Once a week, starting Friday April 5th, you will now be able to pre-order wonderful meals from amazing chefs for enjoying in your own home.  Once a week, you won’t have to worry about dinner but instead can quickly pick up a preordered, prepaid meal that means sharing flavor, tradition and generosity with your family.  This is a pilot program that we are launching through July to test the feasibility of running it year round- fingers crossed because that part is up to you! United We Eat @homewill be hijacking this email list for one month as we share the news while we recruit you to join the UWE @home list. For a direct link to learn more about how this works, see chef bios, and sign up for future emails, go to I apologize in advance for a few extra emails in your inboxes for this month long recruitment period but starting in May, only people on the UWE@home email list will receive emails specific to that program- so hop to it (spring pun intended!)! Seriously, this is not to be missed!

I also need to give a special announcement for a long awaited 5th lecture in our Soft Landing Missoula Presents! lecture series.  There is much more info here and below on this timely and important lecture titled “Refuge in a Changing World: Climate Change, Migration and Homeland Security”that takes place April 1st at 6:30 at the UC Theater. Guest speaker and author Todd Miller will share his stories and experience on this topic to be followed by a panel of local experts. We have some incredible partners- Climate Smart Missoula and the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center- that have helped us tremendously in presenting this lecture and HUGE thanks go to SLM board member extraordinaire, Clem Work, for hours and hours spent making this happen!

Lastly, and kind of on a more somber but incredibly hopeful note following the tragedy at two New Zealand Mosques last week, we want to make sure you know about the upcoming week of events put together byStandingAlongsideAmerica’sMuslims (SALAM) forCelebrate Islam Week. We are honored to be a sponsor of the week’s kick off event on April 8th, the annual banquet and key note speaker, and are in awe of all of the wonderful events happening through out the week. Attendance at these events is a tangible way we can “show up” for Muslims in our community- with open hearts and open ears- to celebrate, learn and honor the beauty and contributions that diverse peoples and religions bring to our community, our country and our world.  Again, lots more info below and the banquet tickets sell out every year so get yours ASAP!

Wow!  You guys still with me?!  So many big things going on and we truly hope you can be a part of it all in this busy and wonderful spring season.

In love and gratitude,

Mary Poole
ED Soft Landing Missoula


United We Eat

Announcing the launch of our new pilot program to bring you a deliciously prepared meal one night a week for enjoying at home! United We Eat @home is here! Go to the website to learn more and sign up!

In lieu of an April Supper Club, we will be sponsoring and attending the opening banquet during SALAM’s Celebrate Islam Week on April 8th. Featuring Keynote Speaker Asmaa Albukaie of Boise, ID (via Syria), and food from all over the Arab world, get your tickets fast- it sells out every year!

People, Partners, Programs

Dear Liz Colantuono- a love letter from Mary Poole…
Where would I be without you?!

What’s Going On?!

>> Come see the Congolese Choir, the Women’s Choir and more perform at a benefit concert on Thursday April 21st from 7-9p for the Florence Project put on by many incredible partners. <<READ MORE

>> Bouncing for Bucks at Flying Squirrel Missoula!  Come have fun with us on Friday April 22 from 5-9p and 1/2 of your admission price will go to Soft Landing Missoula. <<READ MORE

>> Don’t forget to check out all of the incredible upcoming events for Celebrate Islam Week and get your tickets to the delicious opening banquet on April 8th<<READ MORE

>> Soft Landing Missoula Presents! Lecture Series: Refuge in a Changing World- Climate Change, Migration and Homeland Security. Join us and speaker/author Todd Miller as we explore this timely and important topic. See poster below. <<READ MORE