Supporter Stories: Dona and Gary Aitken

“It’s pretty amazing to me that some of these countries even allow Americans in. It’s amazing to me that some people in these countries don’t hate Americans, that their knee-jerk reaction isn’t to hate Americans like some Americans’ knee-jerk reaction is to hate Hispanics, for example. They have every reason in the world to say get your ass out of here. But they don’t.

“So why do many people in these countries still embrace Americans? Maybe because despite our past atrocities and unethical behavior we have also helped many people. Maybe our somewhat transparent government is still much better than what they have experienced at home. Maybe it is because the people they have encountered–Americans who actually travel abroad in non-touristy places–are generally kind, helpful and generous. I don’t know, but I wish I did, for it might tell us something valuable.”

Photo and Interview by Elliott Natz