Hello Neighbor Network- A New Collaboration

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We are incredibly honored to be a part of the birth of an incredibly inspiring group of women lead, refugee-centered organizations- the new “Hello Neighbor Network”! We are joining 8 other organizations to share stories, inspiration, ideas, challenges, and celebrations to create welcoming, inclusive, and supportive communities. Launched by Hello Neighbor out of Pittsburg, PA, together we will amplify our voices in support of refugees in our own communities and across the nation. We are joining some old friends and mentors as well as a few folks we have yet to get to know and are very excited about. We are all convening mid-November for some face time and space to exchange bold ideas! Expect to hear more about our adventures in Pittsburg!

As refugee numbers decline and community/state support for the resettlement program come in to question, we know there is another side to the story. The story of regular citizens coming together to uphold values of safety and opportunity for all. This is our story. This is the story of the Hello Neighbor Network.

Check out the other game-changing participating organizations!

Dwell Mobile located in Mobile, Alabama
Heartfelt Tidbits in Cincinnati, Ohio
Hearts and Homes for Refugees in Westchester, NY
Homes Not Borders in Washington D.C.
International Neighbors in Charlottesville, VA

Miry’s List in Los Angeles, CA
Refugee Assistance Alliance in Miami, FL