BSDFF 2019

The Big Sky Documentary Film Fest (BSDFF) is……

For the 3rd year in a row, Soft Landing Missoula will be sponsoring films for this great event. This is always a fun opportunity to promote a great community event that showcases so much diversity while supporting the arts!

This year, our films will be:


The Interpreters:

Sofian Khan, Andres Caballero, 2017, USA — 74 minutes
Sunday, Feb 17th @ 9:00 pm –Elks Lodge 

Afghan and Iraqi interpreters serve as a crucial bridge between American soldiers and local nationals.  But as a result of their work with the U.S., many have become targets.  In the chaos of their war torn countries, these loyal allies now struggle to find a way out for themselves and their families.

All films for this screening:

The Trial and The Interpreters

*** Soft Landing will make an introduction to this film and have invited Andrew Person, a Missoula veteran with direct experience working with SIV Interpreters, to also share a bit about his story before the film. We will also be available after the film for comments and questions.***



Skye Fitzgerald, 2018, International waters, Malta, Tunisia, USA — 35 minutes
Sunday, Feb 17th @ 1:00 pm –Wilma

Volunteers from a German non-profit risk the waves of the Mediterranean to pluck refugees from sinking rafts pushing off from Libya in the middle of the night. LIFEBOAT puts a human face on one of the world’s greatest contemporary, global crises and provides a spark of hope surrounding how civil society can intervene in the refugee crisis in a meaningful way.

All films for this screening:

Freedom in the Devil’s GarbOsama and AymanSteve is Undocumented,  Girls SectionAfter the Fire, and Lifeboat

Learning to Swim:

Ruth Grimberg, 2017, UK — 10 minutes

Saturday, Feb 23rd @ 4:15 pm –MCT Center for the Performing Arts
Sunday, Feb 24th @ 3:45 pm –Elks Lodge 

In the quiet world of a quintessentially English town and amidst the fear and uncertainty of immigration and terrorism, Ingrid offers shelter to Ahmed, a Syrian refugee who has left everything behind in his search for a new life.

All films for Saturday screening:

Learning to Swim, All on a Mardi Gras DaySmall Family, Happy Family

All films for Sunday screening:

Learning to Swim, Heroin HearseThe Black MambasSunyi (Silence)Enforcement HoursSwatted 


For more information on all of the films, see the full calendar here and the individual listings here.