Supporter Stories: Jim Adams

The other two families we’re working with are from Iraq and both the dads are translators for the U.S. Army. Both of them were on a waiting list for four years or almost four years. I was really ignorant of how things transpired there. When the U.S. Army pulled out, unlike other countries we left our people there, all the people that helped us.

I read a couple articles and the estimate is some 2,000 people helped the armed forces and were left.

Great Britain and Germany and other countries that were there offered their local people the opportunity to come with them when they left and we didn’t do that. And I think that’s a really shameful thing for this country to do.

Jim Adams is Involved with three families and works as an accountant at the Franke College of Forestry and Conservation at University of Montana.

Interview and photo by Elliott Natz