Youth Program

Soft Landing recognizes that kids are awesome, and that those who arrive in Missoula as refugees and immigrants have often seen a lot of upheaval in their short lives. As such, they need a lot of support when navigating this major transition to life in an entirely new country. Our youth program aims to explore and connect kids with their new community in Missoula, provide them with the extra help they might need while adjusting to a new school system and a new life and, of course, give them the chance to have some fun!

School Year Programs

Throughout the school year, much of our programming focuses on providing academic mentorship and support. Thanks to generous volunteers and community partners, we offer after-school tutoring twice per week to help youth navigate their education. Supporting over 70 students total, our youth program also facilitates a college study group; tutors for GED test support and preparation for other academic pathways; and one-on-one mentorship. We also believe that education means more than just classroom learning. Throughout the school year, we host craft nights, field trips, and other cultural events for youth to help them build off what they’re learning in schools and apply those lessons in the real world.

Summer Programs

We love summer fun! The Soft Landing youth program focuses on creating opportunities for over 80 refugee and immigrant youth to enjoy the bounty of outdoor experiences available throughout Missoula and Western Montana. Some adventures are closer to home – like a hike up a backyard trail or a visit to a local produce farm – while others are further afield – such as a whitewater rafting or an overnight trip to Camp Paxson. But we also know that it’s important for students to continue learning through the summer months. We host a book club, coding club and other academic-related opportunities while school isn’t in session, too.

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