SLM Newsletter 6/11/20- Impact Report 2019 and Continuing to Celebrate Graduates

Impact Report 2019!

We did it! Our first Impact Report (read: Annual Report) EVER!  What a landmark for our little organization and we are so excited to share it with you! There is a sneak peak at a few pages in this email, but check out the whole thing in the link below 😉

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 11.08.02 PM.png

I hope you know that my mantra before each newsletter I send out is “Keep it short Mary, keep it short”, and you certainly know that I do not follow this advice at all…. That said, this time I AM going to keep it short because I want you to have time to check out this beautiful report of the incredible work we were able to do in the last year because of YOU and this WONDERFUL COMMUNITY we live in. Please check it out by clicking here:

2019 Impact Report

If you would like a hard copy (we don’t blame you, we like to look at all of the beautiful photos over and over again), feel free to swing by the office to grab one, or we would be happy to mail one to you- just email me at

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We want to send out huge love and thanks to Jenn Prinzing with Social Club for her 4th year volunteering with us to make so many of out things look pretty, including this Impact Report.  We love you Jenn!

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Lastly, I just wanted to say how proud I am of my team- Molly, Greta, and Maria.  Ladies!  Look at all the great stuff we were able to do in 2019! These women are amazing and certainly the force that makes all of this happen! I love you guys.

OK! That’s it from me 😉

In love and gratitude,

Mary Poole
ED Soft Landing Missoula

Celebrating Graduates!

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Many of you are also following us on social media and have seen our celebration of these 3 amazing young adults as they achieve the milestone of high school graduation in the midst of a global pandemic.  We have put together some of the beautiful photos with mini-interviews in order to record the thoughts of the moment and share refugee youth voices. Check it out!  If you missed it, also check out this great article in the Missoulian about these students. We are so honored to know these students and just want to shout it to the mountain tops how wonderful they are!

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 11.55.09 PM.png

Partner Spotlight

We wanted to give a quick boost to our great friends and fellow Hello Neighbor Network partners- Refugee Assistance Alliance. Kristen and the amazing folks with this organization work in Florida to make sure refugees there get access to English Language learning and so much more!
Currently, they are finalists in a contest to win a full re-branding package valued at $50,000 and guess what- WE CAN HELP!  It is so easy!  Just click here to vote- it takes less than a minute!  June 11th is the very last day of this contest, so please vote ASAP! Thank you!