Montanans for Immigrant Justice Hosts ‘Lights and Rights’ event.

Montanans for Immigrant Justice (MIJ) is a group of local activists seeking to challenge xenophobic narratives and state and national immigration policies including recent actions to dismantle DACA. They believe that immigrant rights are human rights and use community conversations, educational forums and local canvassing educate the community and defend the rights of immigrants.

Last Sunday, MIJ hosted an incredible ‘Lights and Rights’ presentation with the goal of teaching immigrants and their families to ‘know their rights and replace broken tail lights’. MIJ trainings inform immigrants of their rights under the US Constitution at home, at work, on the road, and more. The trainings also provide information for allies on what to do as a bystander if they believe someone is at risk.

Immigration Attorneys and other experts spoke at the Know Your Rights Presentation, which was live-streamed and translated to reach a larger audience. You can view their helpful presentation here. Following the presentation, volunteers helped those with broken taillights install a new lightbulb for free.

Huge thanks to Randall Caudle and Nereyda Calero for this presentation with so much helpful information!