Back Country Hunters and Anglers- Conservation Collective

Join Back Country Hunters and Anglers (BHA) on Thursday June 20th from 4-7p at Montgomery Distillery to promote their new initiative to increase access to Montana’s beautiful open lands and waters for marginalized communities.

On this evening, they are asking people in the community to donate old fly rods and reels and come and learn about program. 

***Fun Fact! Soft Landing is partnering with them for the first event in this new program and on June 29th, refugee families will be getting the opportunity to be introduced to fly fishing and explore some of the beautiful waterways Montana has to offer! We are so excited!***

BHA went to introduce as many Montanan’s regardless of their backgrounds or economic status to all of the amazing things that the outdoors has to offer. The goals of this program are to:

  • set a precedence for Montana and for BHA chapters across the country to get involved with community organizations. 

  • work with marginalized communities is in efforts to make BHA more inclusive; often the hunting and fishing worlds may seem unapproachable to a new person, as well as unaffordable. 

    • In Montana, we live in a state where people thrive off the industry but may not be contributing back to the community 

    • Gear is expensive 

    • It is very hard to start without knowing the right people or the community. 

  • help get resources and education out to vulnerable communities. At each event BHA will be: 

    • talking about how to access public waters 

    • exploring river entomology

    • learning about different styles of fishing. 

Come help us launch this wonderful new initiative aimed at making the real “Montana Experience” accessible for all!