Volunteer at the Western Montana Fair

This year Soft Landing Missoula will have a booth at the Western Montana Fair! We are very excited to showcase some talented chefs who will bring Iraqi cuisine to the fair! We will be relying on our wonderful volunteers to help us make this happen! This is a great way to help food entrepreneurship happen! With this booth, we hope to provide chefs with the opportunity to get experience selling their food, generating some income, and sharing their culture with the Missoula community. 

Check out the sign up for the fair and see if any of the times work for you. This is a great volunteer opportunity to do alone or with a group of friends or family! 

We hope you can join us for this fun week full of food! 


20180505_SoftLanding 00166.jpg

20180505_SoftLanding 00153.jpg

20180505_SoftLanding 00032.jpg

Photos by: David Clumpner