Arabian Cuisines

Have you ever had the delicious falafel or beef shawarma at the farmer’s market? Well, here is a little more information about Arabian Cuisines and the man behind it, Ammar Omar: 

Ammar started Arabian Cuisines in the Spring of 2018. Originally from Iraq, he and his family settled in Missoula, MT in May 2017. He hopes to share some of the culture and taste of Arabian food with Missoula. Ammar is an experienced and talented chef who ran a restaurant in the United Arban Emirates before coming to Missoula. 

Last year Ammar sold falafel at the Soft Landing Missoula farmer’s market booth. Since then, he has worked hard to study food safety and go through the process of starting his own business. He now owns Arabian Cuisines. 

You can find Ammar at every Clark Fork Market over the summer and a variety of other Missoula events. He also caters and does private events. Arabian Cuisines is a great option for a catered lunch or a family event at an affordable price! 

To get more information about how you can get Ammar to cook at one of your events contact Soft Landing Missoula at 

Some of Ammar’s specialties are:

  • Falafel: A vegetarian fried mix of vegetables including chickpeas flavored with cilantro, cumin, and other Middle Eastern spices.

  • Shawarma: Juicy chicken or beef slow cooked on a rotisserie and thinly sliced as ordered.

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All photos by David Clumpner

All photos by David Clumpner