Become a host family through the Mansfield Center!

The Mansfield Center is presenting a unique and exciting opportunity to host international visitors in short home-stays for two days over the summer! 

Over the weekend of June 15-17, the Mansfield Center is seeking homestays in pairs of two global high school teachers of American studies and English from 20 different countries here to learn about American studies for one month, including from:

  • Middle East: Jordan, Tunisia, Iraq
  • Africa: Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Mozambique
  • Europe: Greece, France, Yugoslavia
  • Asia: Samoa, Thailand, China
  • South America: Nicaragua, Chile, Uruguay

This homestay weekend coincides with SLM’s World Refugee Day soccer tournament and community celebration! Many of these international visitors love soccer and would love to be part of the tournament by volunteering, watching, or even playing! What a fun opportunity for the weekend!

Again over the weekend of July 6th-8th the Mansfield Center is searching homestays for undergraduate students from:

  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • India
  • China
  • Japan

Please contact Deena Mansour at or 243-2713 for more information.

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