January 5, 2018 Newsletter

New Year, New Adventures!

Whew…there goes 2017!  I would be hard pressed to name another year in my life where I experienced so many new things, learned so much, grew more as a person, faced as many challenges, had to ask for as much help, wanted to say “Thank you!” so many times, or met so many new wonderful people from near and far! Ok- as I look at my 6 month old little one as I write this, maybe year 1 is about the same 😉  

To kick it off 2018, we are hosting our second Soft Landing Missoula Supper Club at Masala on January 14th featuring Syrian Cuisine.  I spent yesterday afternoon sitting down with Theo, the owner of Masala, and Ghalia, our guest chef, who were putting the final touches on the menu, and let me tell you- this is going to be very special delicious!  Seating is limited so make your reservations quick! The SLM Supper Club was created in response to the immense hospitality and generosity refugee families have shown us when being invited into their homes- you better come hungry…every time!- and wanting to be able to celebrate and share the beautiful cultural bridge that food can be while enriching our shared community.  We hope you will get the chance to join us for one- or all- of these unique and exciting dinners!

So here is to 2018 being as crazy, as eye-opening, as dynamic, as hard, and as WONDERFUL!  We have A LOT of goals for 2018 and some really exciting new ideas. I think you all know that the magic only happens because of your support and involvement and we are so thankful and excited to take you with us into this new year. 

In love and gratitude,

Mary Poole


January Supper Club- Syrian Cuisine

Be sure to check this out for more details and the MENU!

Where: Masala – 206 W. Main St., Missoula
When: Sunday January 14th.  Doors open at 6p and food will be served at 6:30
Cost: $40/person
How: Call Masala at (406) 926-6444 to make a reservation.  Please let them know if you have a vegetarian in your party.

Please direct any further questions to mary@softlandingmissoula.org

Tutor kiddos at MCPS!

Join us in one of the most loved and rewarding volunteer opportunities by signing up to tutor kiddos with Missoula County Public Schools.
If interested, please attend the next informational session next Friday the 8th at noon in the MCPS Administration Building (215 S. 6th St. W). 

More information available here.  Questions can be directed to volunteer@softlandingmissoula.org

Urgent Needs

As many of you know- we have a little “Urgent Needs” page on our website that is created in response to things that we get asked for, or needs that we notice.  It gets updated frequently and is always a good thing to check out if you are wondering how to help.
I will highlight: Men’s winter boots, larger “stock” style pots, YakTracks or similar anti-slip devices for the ice, home or laptop computers, and well functioning vacuum cleaners.  You can also always donate a well running car if you want!!!

“Timeless Iraq” lecture is now available online

Thanks to MCAT for making this informative lecture available to anyone anytime!!