September Newsletter

Let’s do some Welcoming!

As soon as we got wind that there was a national Welcoming Week happening, we got a little excited! During this annual series of events, communities bring together immigrants, refugees, and native-born residents to raise awareness of the benefits of welcoming everyone. One thing lead to the next, and now we are so thrilled to bring you not one or two things, but NINE events that you can take part in from Sept 15 – 24, AND a full host of things you can do right from home! The International Rescue Committee (IRC) and many other organizations have partnered with us to host these events. We are so grateful.  

All of the info is available on our website or download the calendar below. Pick a few things, or join us for all, but some things are NOT to be missed (Coffee! Food! Theater! Games! Movies!)! There are also many ways that you can participate statewide if you can’t make any of these events: take a photo like the great ones above, make some important calls to Washington, record your family’s immigration story for StoryCorps!

We are so excited and can’t wait to see you guys out there! It really is going to be an incredible week!

In love and gratitude,
Mary Poole

P.S. Make sure to check out our Volunteer Spotlight this week! Charlie has been so incredible that our donated car to license ratio is now in the negative for the first time! We especially are looking for a van or larger vehicle for a family of 7. Please let me know if you would like more info on how to donate an older but well running vehicle (this is tax-deductible!), email me at