April 18 Newsletter: Spring Events.

Three cheers for springtime in Montana!  This may mean sun, or it may even mean a little snow, but it definitely means getting out and about!  It has been so fun this spring to run into many of our families down town at First Friday, on the bike trails, and at the park as the weather has gotten nicer. If you too are looking to get out, we have just the thing to cure your spring adventure needs as our calendar is filling up fast with really exciting events!

Spring also means getting out on bikes! Thank you to everyone who has come through with bike donations and wanting to help folks learn the trails and safe biking routes. We are still actively looking for bikes, u-locks, and helmets for adults and kiddos. Let us know if you would like to pass any of these things on to us. 😉

Thank you as always to our wonderful volunteers. I want to highlight one opportunity that we are really needing help with currently.  We have always helped with, but recently completely taken on new Home Set-up. We do have families scheduled for Missoula soon and are wanting to get our committee and process set. Let us know if you want to lead or join a team of 15-20 people and commit to helping with at least one home set up a month. The team will help solicit and organize donations, find needed items at garage sales and second hand stores, move furniture, and set up new homes for incoming families. We are looking for people with trucks, people with muscle, people who are organized, people who are great bargain hunters and people who can decorate and make a place feel homey.  We are also, of course, always looking for all of the larger items needed to set up homes- couches, dressers, tables, chairs etc..  For this and other possibilities on how to get involved with us please visit the NEW! Volunteer page on our website and/or request to join our Facebook volunteer group

– In love and gratitude, Mary Poole

P.S. Our car donation drive is also still alive and well!  We have another graduate who is now fully licensed in the state of Montana and we are searching for a vehicle for this family of four. We also may have found a way to make this tax-deductible for folks, so let me know if you would like to chat! Email Info@softlandingmissoula.org.

APRIL 24-30: Celebrate Islam in Missoula

This is the second annual event put on by SALAM Missoula. Of special note: On Tuesday, April 25, Soft Landing Missoula is co-sponsoring a screening of the Oscar-winning film “The White Helmets,” which follows a group of relief workers as they try to save civilian lives amid the chaos in Syria. Get all the details on the full schedule or visit the event on Facebook! We are also especially excited for the opening dinner on Monday, April 24, featuring a meal cooked by members of our Arab refugee community and other Missoulians. More details about the dinner on Facebook. You can reserve a spot through Eventbrite.  

Full schedule for the week.

APRIL 30: When One Becomes Many

Six recently arrived Congolese refugee families have created a play to share their experiences and lives with Missoula. This is going to be incredible and we got even more excited when we read the latest Montana Kaimin article and saw the great video teaser. This is not to miss! The performance is Sunday, April 30, at 7 p.m. in the University Center at the University of Montana. More information & RSVP on Facebook.

MAY 4 & 5: Missoula Gives

Soft Landing Missoula is participating in Missoula Gives. On May 4th and 5th from 6 p.m. – 6 p.m., the community will come together to contribute to the nonprofits that help make Missoula a wonderful place to live. Mark your calendar!

MAY 10 & 18: Dialogue Across the Divide

Join us as we explore how to more comfortably engage in thoughtful and compassionate dialogue around refugees and other controversial subjects. Save the date for this training! Forms to sign up will be available soon! May 10th and 18th, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m., UCC. 

JUNE 17: First Annual Missoula World Refugee Day Cup

This is also a “save the date” with registration and more details available soon but this all-day event will be amazing! More details (well, as much as we know right now).


Our supporter stories series, “With Open Arms: Stories about Supporting Refugee Resettlement in Missoula” has been so inspiring. Please read the latest!