SB 97 Update and More

SB 97 Will Head to Governor

We need you to encourage him to veto this bill!

Yesterday, SB 97 hit the house floor–hard. Even though we lost the vote during the second reading yesterday, our calls and effort have not gone unnoticed! The report from the Legislative Committees shows a 3:4 call ratio in opposition to the bill and dozens of people packed the gallery in a strong show of solidarity with our Muslim friends and neighbors (photo below)! Despite our effort, the bill will more than likely pass in the final vote today. So, we are not quite done yet!

Photo from ACLU of Montana.

Photo from ACLU of Montana.

The bill will probably hit Governor Bullock’s desk this afternoon and we need to work hard to help the Governor decide to VETO this bill. This is URGENT. We only have a couple days to accomplish this goal!

Please call and/or email Governor Bullock and encourage him to veto SB 97.  

By phone
Toll Free: 855-318-1330

By email (please fill out the form)

Huge thank you to all of our partners on the ground in Helena, especially the ACLU, MHRN, and MAC, and of course, the incredible volunteers who spent part of their weekend making calls that resulted in such a great showing yesterday!

– In love and gratitude, Mary Poole

P.S. Please don’t forget to check out the ever changing list of most important needsfor our families! Up now: vacuum cleaners and dressers!

Livestream Recording of Eritrea Lecture

We want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for our Soft Landing Missoula Presents! Eritrea event on March 8th, 2017! It was a busy night in Missoula and we so appreciate your joining us! Special thanks to our fantastic sponsors UM’s African-American Studies Program, UM’s Political Science Department, and Montana Model UN, and to our two fabulous speakers: Kimberly A. Maynard, Ph.D. and Solomon M. Gofie, Ph.D. Watch the lifestream recording!

Giving Back this Wednesday & Thursday: Helmer Family Chiropractic

Check out the amazing business that came to us with this idea to give back! If you have been thinking about needing to get in some where for an adjustment, this Wednesday (March 22) or Thursday (March 23) might just be the day! Details and contact information.

Finding Common Ground

Watch this inspiring video from “Stay-at-home mom Becca Clary found common ground with Sudanese refugee Fatima Bakhit through a cultural exchange program at Kentucky Refugee Ministries. Not only has Becca helped Fatima feel welcome in her new home and learn English, she also has gained a friend…We may not all share the same history, but we share one future.”