Take action to support refugees in Montana


We are still sifting though all of the “Action Items” we have seen come our way and have decided to focus mainly on what we can do to show support for refugees to our Montana elected officials. They need to hear from us.

They need to know that resettlement is something that we value in our community–something that is not only an important opportunity for our state to participate in the very American value of welcoming those in need, but that has also brought so much richness and vibrancy to our lives and the fabric of our city.  So we are asking 4 things of you:

  1. Please contact Senators Daines and Tester and let them know you support welcoming refugees to Missoula. Calls are best made to their local offices: Sen. Tester – (406) 728-3003 (Missoula) and Sen. Daines – (406) 549-8198 (Missoula)
  2. Stop in our office and fill out a couple of Soft Landing Missoula post cards and send them directly to these offices. We have heard that post cards may be the most effective way to get the message there…Make sure you add a “thank you” in Tester’s note for his statement.
  3. Please sign this petition that we will also be sending their way.
  4. Please voice your opposition to SB 97. Please write to members of the committee, even if they aren’t your representative, to urge them to vote NO on this bill.

Thank you Missoula!