Thank you for the winter clothing

Thank you so much to everyone who visited us last week with winter clothing donations!

Two hours into the morning after the call went out, almost every wall of our office was piled high with ski pants, boots, coats, sweaters, gloves and hats! As fast as our volunteers could get things organized and on the shelves, more donations would pile in. Many families have since stopped by to get outfitted.

It has been so heartwarming this winter to hear about neighbors sledding together, kiddos learning about snowball fights, and even new friends getting out to learn how to ski. We all know how much better life is in Missoula when you can get outside in the winter, all of you have made that possible for these families! 

Your donations have also been essential for adults trying to get around town for appointments and work in this bitter cold. We keep telling our families that Missoula summers are beautiful and showing them pictures to prove it, but in the mean time, you are keeping hearts and bodies warm. 

Since our small space has been so sufficiently stocked, we are asking that people hold off on further donations for a little while with one exception: men’s hats and gloves. 

Thanks so so much!