Volunteer as an English Language Tutor

Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS) is in need of volunteers for their ELL department to work with English as a second language students in school. They are seeking volunteers who are available to meet their assigned student at consistent times throughout the week for an extended period of time throughout the school year. Volunteers will meet with one student or a small group of students and work on developing their English skills and learning about the culture of American schools. Tutors will be provided with resources to use when working with the students – either from the teacher or from the ELL Department.

To Become a Tutor

Step 1: Fill out an MCPS volunteer application and background check if you haven’t done so already. Please fill out the “unsupervised volunteer” application.

 Step 2: Fill out the MCPS Volunteer ELL Tutor Application

 Step 3: Attend a tutor orientation. The ELL Department will contact you to set up an orientation time once your application has been reviewed.  Volunteers working with ELL students are required to attend a tutor orientation prior to working with students.  

 Step 4: Become an active volunteer tutor and receive an assignment! You will be assigned a school, student and time to meet.  We will provide our volunteers with materials, resources, and support.

What if I don’t get a call or assignment right away?

The ELL Department will work as quickly as possible to set up assignments for volunteers. However, due to school schedules, the application process, and students’ needs, it will take some time to put volunteers in place.  We will work as efficiently as possible as we process the applicants and make assignments.


Questions regarding assignments should be directed to Shirley Lindburg (MCPS ELL Coordinator) salindburg@mcps.k12.mt.us
or Aria Peters (MCPS ELL Specialist) apeters@mcps.k12.mt.us.