Community Sponsors

Thank you to all of our World Refugee Day soccer tournament sponsors! The following people and businesses have not only helped to make the World Refugee Day soccer tournament and community celebration a success, but also have helped to enable SLM to continue to support the families arriving in Missoula and the Missoula community through our programming and services. These businesses work to make Missoula a wonderful and welcoming place to live! Thank you!


World Cup Final Match Sponsors:

  • Klaus von Stutterheim
  • Missoula Federal Credit Union
  • Adventure Life
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Community Celebration Sponsors:

  • Justin and Katie Metcalf
  • Good Food Store
GoodFoodStore Logo-small.gif
  • Jeremy Roberts and Conservation Media
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  • The Maureen & Mike Mansfield Center at the University of Montana
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  • Masala
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  • Smith & Stephens P.C.
Smith _ Stephens.png
  • St. Patricks Hospital
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Refugee Player Sponsors:

  • Big Sky Public Relations
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  • Futpong
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  • Interim Healthcare of Western Montana
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  • Garlington, Lohn & Robinson PLLP
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  • Sushi Hana Downtown
Copy of Sushi-Hana-Logo-circle.png
  • A&E Architects


Friend of the Tournament Sponsors:

  • Mike Stark and SG Long
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  • Montana Legal Justice
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  • Eastgate Veterinary Clinic
Eastgate Veterinary Clinic.jpg
  • Ink Realty Group
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  • Mountain Line Bus
Mountain Line.png
  • The Green Light Apparel & Home Decor
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In-Kind Sponsors:

  • Eric and Blair Sprunk

  • Coca-Cola High Country

  • Missoula Events

Missoula Events.jpg
  • Clyde Coffee
Clyde Coffee.png
  • Garage Tees
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  • Gecko Designs
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  • Mary's Mountain Cookies
Mary_s Mountain Cookies.png
  • Starbucks
  • Animal Wonders
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