Missoula Action Tonight- Stand With Families

Soft Landing Missoula will be marching tonight along side Montanans for Immigrant Justice and others from a coalition that put together an outward show of our community's horror at families being ripped apart at our southern border.  Please consider joining us.

Where: Missoula Co Detention Facility- 2340 Mullan Rd.

When: Wednesday, June 20th, at 5p

More information available in this Facebook Event.

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Senator Tester's Letter to Sessions and Nielsen

We are so proud of the Montana voices that are speaking out against the forced separation of children from their parents by the United States of America at our southern border. This letter from Tester came about with pressure from our own communities across Montana being vocal and passionate about needing this to stop- now.  I know that, although with much less strong statements, Daines and Gianforte have also disagreed with the process taking place.  We need to continue to press our elected leaders in Washington to make BOLD strokes against family separation at the border, AND thank Tester for his leadership in this.

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As you've probably heard, there will be a Futpong tournament at this year's World Refugee Day soccer tournament and community celebration! Below is a little information from one of the creators of Futpong about this wildly fun game that can be played anywhere! 


Futpong is tennis with your feet and or other parts of your body excluding of course your hands and arms. Played on a 12’ by 6’ court with a net, recommended footwear is sneakers.  The tournament will begin with pool play where everyone can have a chance to dial in their touch.  The pool play will be followed by an elimination round.  Prizes will be awarded to the winner and finalists.  Recommended for ages 12 and up. 

Please email dave@futpong.net if you think you are interested in the tournament at the World Refugee Day celebration- so that we have an idea on the number of participants.    

Whether you're playing or watching you won't want to miss this exciting Futpong tournament!