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Missoula welcomed its first family from Iraq in late 2016. There were almost 10,000 Iraqi refugees admitted to the United States in fiscal 2016.

The citizens of Iraq are commonly highly educated as higher education is free. Unfortunately, the degrees and certifications earned in Iraq do not transfer to the United States, and as is common for all refugees, many Iraqis are unable to work like they did in their home country.

Check out the Cultural Orientation Resource Center website to learn more about Iraqi refugees and their resettlement in the United States.




By the end of 2015, Iraq’s unending conflicts had driven 4.4 million people
from their homes, and another half a million into exile...that number
has only grown since then.
— United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Forced to flee violence in Iraq, Bushra Naji and her family were resettled by the IRC in New York City in 2008. Watch and share her story to celebrate the Fourth of July, America's Independence Day.
In 2014, Ahmed Al-Zubidi and his family moved to Beaverton, a quiet suburb of Portland, Oregon. Ahmed had applied for for refugee status in 2007 after several of his colleagues were killed by terrorists. The approval proces had taken seven years. Ahmed's son Mustafa remembers watching news reports on Iraqi television when his father's boss was killed.