Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Provided by Google Maps

The DRC is one of the most populated countries in Africa, and the people who live there are made up of many different groups.

Missoula has been lucky enough to resettle multiple families from the DRC.

In the fiscal year 2016, the United States admitted approximately 20,000 refugees from the DRC.

Over the past 12 years, nearly 11,000 Congolese refugees have been resettled in
the United States, in more that 220 cities in 45 states.
— "Refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo," Cultural Orientation Resource Center
The video Congolese Refugees in the United States includes interviews with refugees and community leaders from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and refugee service providers, speaking about the resettlement experiences of newly-arrived and previously resettled refugees, such as employment opportunities, experience learning English in the United States, education for children and adults, inter-ethnic co-existence, family adjustment, and other matters that affect their daily lives.

Refugee Camps in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Photography provided by the International Rescue Committee